The Quiet Room: An Introduction

For this Quiet Room, we decided it was time to look at another specially designed electro­acoustic combo and the one that came to mind first was Peavey’s new Ecoustic E100 – a sensibly priced, powerful package designed for a hard life gigging. Tim Slater did the duties and seems to have come away very impressed by this typically well-built and designed Peavey offering.

For our guitar selection, we’ve mixed things up and have two brands which are possibly better known in the USA and Canada than they are in Europe – though both are starting to gain recognition there. The classical instrument is from Cordoba and the steel strung guitar comes from Luna. We had absolutely no preconceptions about these two, having had little experience of them before the review. You can see the results of our sessions inside!

Ecoustic E100
Ecoustic E100

Tanglewood is pretty much a reverse case. A British designed brand it has been the biggest seller in the UK for many years and has pretty much taken Europe by storm as well. It has been less well known in North America, however, but the model we’ve looked at, the new Nashville IV, has pretty extensive distribution in the USA. It is also extremely well priced for a guitar carrying the Tanglewood name, so we were intrigued by this one, too!

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Finally, we have a rare event – a manufacturer interview! In issue 18, our resident classical specialist, Giorgio Serci, reviewed a pair of Manuel Rodriguez classical guitars then, a few weeks ago, Manuel Rodriguez himself, the head of the company, dropped into our studio to record an interview with Gl’s Stuart Bull about his forward-looking Spanish-based business, which is internationally regarded for its high quality instruments.

We’re sure you will find the Rodriguez story as revealing (not to say inspiring) as we did!

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